Trina Long-Hall

Correspondence Secretary

• My name is Trina M. Hall, RN. I have been in nursing for 18 years and a RN for 4 of those years. My heart’s passion has been in Geriatrics and Hospice. I have held leadership roles in serving as a Nurse Educator/ Quality Improvement Nurse in LTC and the Community Wellness Nurse in the Assisted Living area. In Working in various fields, it has fostered a love of being an educator in my nursing role. I am a wife of 21 years to my husband, Derek Hall and a mother to 3 beautiful children TriDereka, Amaiya and Derek Kameron. Nursing circulates in my body like the oxygen I breathe. It gives me life! To meet and connect with my Sorors in Chi Eta Phi has been a joy! I have never had sisterhood with women that I don’t share blood ties with until now. My sisters inspire me to be greater and dig deeper in the field of nursing. I am excited to grow with them. I feel so very blessed to have been chosen to be a part of this organization. My grandmother always said, “Bad company corrupts good character” so how awesome is it that I am in the company of good women that elevate my character to greatness. I was good all on my own but my sisters make me better.


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